Lun. Dic 11th, 2023
    MG Motor Australia and New Zealand Enhances Steering Stability of MG4 XPOWER Electric Hot Hatch

    MG Motor Australia and New Zealand have announced an exciting upgrade to the steering damper of their popular 2023 MG4 XPOWER electric hot hatch. This upgrade comes as a direct response to valuable feedback from customers around the globe who expressed a desire for improved steering stability at higher speeds. The customer-centric approach of MG Motors has led them to extend the delivery times for the hot hatch by approximately two to three weeks to accommodate this modification.

    Contrary to some misleading reports, the steering damper upgrade is not related to safety concerns but instead focuses on delivering remarkable performance enhancements. By enhancing the handling and steering response of the vehicle, MG Motors aims to provide an unparalleled driving experience without compromising safety.

    The retrofitting of the new steering damper will be carried out free of charge on all XPOWER vehicles, whether they are awaiting delivery or have already been delivered. This means that both current and future owners of the MG4 XPOWER in Australia and New Zealand will benefit from these significant improvements.

    The MG4 XPOWER electric hot hatch boasts an impressive 320kW/600Nm dual-motor powertrain, allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.8 seconds. It is equipped with a 64kWh battery pack that provides an exceptional WLTP range of up to 400km. Additionally, the vehicle features a stiffer suspension, larger brakes, an electronic differential, and a range of high-end equipment such as partial-leather upholstery, heated front seats and steering wheel, wireless phone charging, LED exterior lighting, keyless entry and start, orange stitching, and advanced satellite navigation.

    The steering upgrade serves as a testament to MG’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. By actively listening to customer feedback and implementing necessary modifications, MG Motors ensures that every journey in the MG4 XPOWER is an exceptional driving experience.


    1. What prompted the steering upgrade for the MG4 XPOWER electric hot hatch?

      The upgrade was prompted by the valuable feedback of customers, especially MG4 XPOWER owners in the UK, who expressed a need for improved steering stability at higher speeds across different driving scenarios.

    2. Will the steering upgrade affect the price of the MG4 XPOWER?

      No, the steering upgrade will not impact the list price of the MG4 XPOWER, which remains at $59,990 plus on-road costs. This enhancement will be provided free of charge for both new deliveries and retrofitted to vehicles that have already been delivered.

    3. Can existing owners of the MG4 XPOWER benefit from the steering upgrade?

      Absolutely! All current owners of the MG4 XPOWER in Australia and New Zealand will have their vehicles retrofitted with the upgraded steering damper free of charge. This ensures that they can enjoy the improved performance and handling provided by the upgrade.