Lun. Dic 11th, 2023
    JOLT Charge: No Bounds for EV Charging Success

    The global expansion of JOLT Charge, a leading Australian electric vehicle (EV) charging station business, is set to soar to new heights as the company prepares for a fresh round of fundraising. With the support of multinational investment powerhouse BlackRock, JOLT Charge is gearing up to launch a significant capital raising campaign in the coming year. The company has enlisted the expertise of RBC Capital to seek out potential investors that align with their ambitious growth plans.

    Under the visionary leadership of its founder, Doug McNamee, JOLT Charge has revolutionized the EV charging industry with its innovative business model that generates revenue from two distinct streams. Firstly, the company capitalizes on existing urban infrastructure to provide EV charging services, captivating environmentally-conscious consumers. Secondly, JOLT Charge cleverly leverages outdoor advertising displayed on the screens of its charging stations, offering brands a unique promotional platform.

    BlackRock recognized the immense potential of JOLT Charge’s groundbreaking approach and invested $100 million two years ago, fueling the company’s expansion and solidifying its position as an industry leader. Currently, JOLT Charge boasts an impressive fleet of 100 operational chargers. However, the company has set its sights higher, with plans to deploy an additional 5,000 charging stations throughout Britain over the next three to five years. Furthermore, JOLT Charge has sealed a collaboration with Canadian telecommunications giant Telus, which will see an additional 5,000 chargers installed.

    While JOLT Charge has indisputably taken the lead in the race for global expansion, rival company Evie Networks is also seeking growth capital. Although Evie Networks operates 160 DC charging stations in Australia and has engaged UBS to facilitate its own expansion plans, JOLT Charge holds a strategic advantage with its supplementary revenue stream from outdoor advertising.

    As JOLT Charge embarks on its quest to secure investors, the EV charging industry as a whole continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The demand for sustainable transportation solutions has reached new heights, driven not only by environmentally conscious consumers but also by government initiatives worldwide to combat climate change.


    1. ¿Qué es JOLT Charge?
    JOLT Charge es una empresa de estaciones de carga de vehículos eléctricos (EV) australiana que genera ingresos a través de la carga de EV y publicidad exterior.

    2. ¿Quién respalda a JOLT Charge?
    JOLT Charge recibió una inversión de $100 millones de la gigante global de inversiones BlackRock para respaldar la expansión de sus estaciones de carga.

    3. ¿Cuántas estaciones de carga tiene JOLT Charge?
    Actualmente, JOLT Charge cuenta con 100 estaciones de carga en funcionamiento y planea instalar 5,000 estaciones adicionales en Gran Bretaña.

    4. ¿Qué es la Estrategia Nacional de Vehículos Eléctricos?
    La Estrategia Nacional de Vehículos Eléctricos del gobierno australiano tiene como objetivo reducir las emisiones de carbono de los vehículos y se espera que informe sobre nuevos estándares de eficiencia de combustible para fines de 2023.

    5. ¿Cómo se compara JOLT Charge con Evie Networks?
    JOLT Charge se considera más avanzada que Evie Networks en su expansión global y se beneficia de una fuente adicional de ingresos a través de la publicidad exterior.