Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Yokohama Rubber launches high-performance electric vehicle tire with renewable energy

    Yokohama Rubber has begun production of its latest high-performance summer tire, the Advan Sport EV, specifically designed for high-end electric vehicles. The manufacturing of this tire will take place at Yokohama’s Shinshiro-Minami plant, using electricity generated from an exclusive solar panel system, as well as renewable electricity obtained for the facilities.

    The Advan Sport EV tire range was introduced by the company in July 2023, building upon the existing Advan Sport V107 tire that caters to high-performance vehicles. This new tire incorporates a compound with reduced rolling resistance and features Silentfoam technology to reduce road noise. It will be available in various sizes, offering flexibility for customers.

    The newly installed solar panel system at the Shinshiro-Minami plant has a capacity of approximately 1.1 MW and is expected to generate around 1,469 MWh per year. This initiative is expected to contribute to reducing approximately 599 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Additionally, the plant will be powered by electricity obtained from Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co, a certified provider of 100% renewable energy, resulting in zero CO2 emissions. This transition has the potential to further decrease CO2 emissions by an additional 570 tons.

    In addition to renewable energy sources, the Shinshiro-Minami plant uses natural gas as fuel for the boiler. Yokohama Rubber aims to achieve carbon neutrality for this manufacturing facility by 2030.

    Yokohama Rubber’s sustainability initiatives are guided by the principle of “Taking care of the future,” as the company intends to align these efforts based on lessons learned from elsewhere. With a long-term goal of achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, the company aims to expand its sustainability practices while continuing to prioritize environmental stewardship.

    Yokohama Rubber