Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    VinFast revolutionizes its after-sales service with compensation for issues and delays

    The Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) company, VinFast, is revolutionizing its after-sales service by offering substantial payments to customers for issues and delays in service. In order to stand out in the competitive EV market, VinFast provides cash or service vouchers to owners whose vehicles are under repair.

    VinFast has implemented a unique policy where owners receive $100 for minor problems and up to $300 for issues that disable their vehicles. Additionally, customers are eligible for additional compensation if their vehicles remain in the workshop for more than three days. With this initiative, VinFast aims to provide a satisfactory and worry-free experience for its customers, independent of the company’s 10-year or 120,000-mile warranty.

    To ensure transparency and fairness, VinFast has categorized service issues into three types. Type 1 issues, such as those related to the air conditioning system or the 360-degree camera, result in a $100 payment. Type 2 issues, such as those related to regenerative braking or vehicle startup and shutdown, qualify for a $300 payment. In the case of continuous delays exceeding three days, the company offers a goodwill compensation of $100 per day.

    VinFast emphasizes its commitment to quickly resolve service problems to minimize disruptions for customers. While there is no maximum limit for $100 per day payments, the company strives to address issues as quickly as possible and return the vehicles to their owners.

    In recent months, VinFast has garnered attention for its performance in the market. In August, its market capitalization reached $191 billion, with its stock price reaching an all-time high of $82.35. However, it is important to note that the stock price has since fallen, hovering around $5.41 with an approximate market capitalization of $12.62 billion.

    VinFast’s innovative approach to after-sales service sets it apart in the EV industry and showcases its dedication to customer satisfaction. By offering substantial compensation for issues and delays in service, the company aims to attract buyers and establish a reputation for exceptional customer care.

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