Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Top Hybrids for Increased Fuel Efficiency

    If high gasoline prices are affecting your wallet, consider the option of purchasing a hybrid vehicle that offers better fuel efficiency. Hybrids have specialized powertrains that combine a gasoline engine with at least one electric motor powered by a battery. The price difference between hybrid and non-hybrid models is usually small enough for the hybrid to pay for itself or save you money in the long run.

    To help you find the best hybrid models, the car experts at Edmunds have highlighted five high-performance hybrids in various price ranges and body styles. Here are some of the featured models:

    1. Toyota Prius: The redesigned 2023 Prius stands out in Toyota’s lineup. It is more attractive, powerful, and faster to reach highway speeds compared to previous models. The Prius has an impressive EPA fuel efficiency estimate of 49 to 57 mpg in combined driving. It is also available with all-wheel drive for better performance in adverse weather conditions. The hatchback body style and improved interior design add to its appeal. Standard advanced driver assistance systems make it a safer option. However, the gasoline engine can generate noise and the headroom in the rear seats is limited. Starting price: $28,545.

    2. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: Surprisingly, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid outperforms the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord hybrids. The Sonata Hybrid offers 47 to 52 mpg in combined driving according to the EPA and is equipped with a wide range of technological features. It is comfortable and easy to drive. The base Blue trim level has reasonable equipment, but advanced features are only standard in the top-level Limited. Small drawbacks of the Sonata Hybrid include average cabin materials and noticeable road and wind noise on highways. Starting price: $29,565.

    3. Kia Sportage Hybrid: The redesigned 2023 Sportage introduced Kia’s first hybrid model. It stands out in several categories and is one of Edmunds’ top hybrids. With front-wheel drive, the Sportage Hybrid achieves 43 mpg in combined driving, one of the highest figures for an SUV. Its 227-horsepower hybrid powertrain ensures powerful performance. The Sportage Hybrid is affordable, offers generous cargo space, comfortable driving, and premium technology. However, it would be appreciated if front-wheel drive were available in more than just the base trim level and a more sporty driving experience. Starting price: $28,815.

    4. Ford F-150 PowerBoost: The F-150, Edmunds’ top truck for 2023, becomes even better with its PowerBoost hybrid powertrain. This powertrain is more powerful and efficient than similar non-hybrid models of the F-150, achieving an estimated combined fuel consumption of 25 mpg with rear-wheel drive and 23 mpg with four-wheel drive. The F-150 PowerBoost also boasts an impressive maximum towing capacity of 12,700 pounds. Another advantage is the option to equip the truck with the Pro Power Onboard system, which offers household-style power outlets to power electronic devices or tools. Although the hybrid powertrain is expensive, Ford plans to make it more affordable for the 2024 F-150. Starting price: $47,270.

    Lexus RX: No additional information was provided about the Lexus RX in the source article.

    – Source article: “Top Five Hybrids for Fuel Efficiency” by Edmunds