Tue. Sep 19th, 2023
    The Public Considers German Manufacturers Lagging Behind in the Electric Car Market

    According to a survey conducted by market research company Civey, 52% of respondents believe that German manufacturers are falling behind in the electric car market compared to companies like Tesla, which leads the sector. Only 9% consider German models to be a competitive alternative internationally.

    The report, based on over 2,500 consumer interviews, reveals that 22% have not yet formed an opinion on the matter, and the remaining 26% believe that German brands are doing well in the field of electric mobility. However, another interesting fact is that 21% believe that the German industry will not be able to catch up in the future.

    Parwiz Torgull, an automotive expert at Civey, points out that Tesla is putting strong pressure on traditional manufacturers, and Chinese companies like BYD are also following this path. Some analysts attribute the loss of competitiveness of the German industry in the electric car market to the granting of public subsidies in China, which is being investigated by the European Union.

    As for Volkswagen, the third-largest electric car manufacturer in the world, it is facing difficulties due to low demand for its electric models. There has even been discussion of reducing staff at its Zwickau plant, where the Audi Q4 e-tron, CUPRA Born, Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4, and ID.5 are produced. Despite this, Volkswagen’s management remains optimistic and confident in their ability to overcome this situation.

    In summary, the survey shows that the public believes German manufacturers are lagging behind in the electric car market compared to Tesla and other competitors. The German industry’s ability to catch up in the future is questioned, and the pressure that Tesla puts on traditional manufacturers is mentioned. Volkswagen is facing difficulties due to low demand for its electric models, and job cuts are being contemplated at one of its factories.


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