Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    The Future Subaru Forester Will Change the Hybrid SUV Market with Toyota Technology

    The upcoming Subaru Forester is set to revolutionize the hybrid SUV market by integrating Toyota’s renowned hybrid technology. Scheduled for release in 2025, the new Forester will adopt Toyota’s hybrid system, popularized by models such as the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. This decision comes in response to criticism over the limited fuel savings provided by Subaru’s internal hybrid system.

    By leveraging Toyota’s hybrid expertise, the new Forester aims to significantly improve its real-world fuel economy. Toyota’s hybrid technology has demonstrated the ability to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 50% in various models. The collaboration will see Subaru using Toyota’s batteries and electric motors while retaining its own horizontally opposed “boxer” gasoline engines, an iconic feature of Subaru vehicles.

    Subaru of America’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Walters, confirmed that the hybrid Forester will be equipped with a battery and electric components supplied by Toyota, complemented by Subaru’s “boxer” engine. While the performance and specifications of the hybrid system have not yet been revealed, this collaboration between Subaru and Toyota promises to introduce an innovative and efficient hybrid SUV to the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will the new Subaru Forester with Toyota hybrid technology be launched?
    The launch of the hybrid version of the Subaru Forester is expected in 2025.

    How will hybrid technology improve fuel efficiency?
    By utilizing Toyota’s hybrid system, the new Subaru Forester aims to achieve significant fuel savings compared to its gasoline-only counterparts.

    Which components will Subaru take from Toyota?
    Subaru will use Toyota’s batteries and electric motors in conjunction with their own horizontally opposed “boxer” engine.

    Will the hybrid Forester be as fuel-efficient as the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid?
    While specific fuel efficiency figures have not been revealed yet, the adoption of Toyota’s hybrid technology should improve the Forester’s fuel efficiency, although it may not reach the level of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

    When can we expect the hybrid Forester to be available in Australia?
    The launch date in Australia for the new Subaru Forester, both in gasoline and hybrid versions, has not yet been announced. However, speculations suggest that deliveries could start towards the end of next year.