Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    The Future of Ford’s Investments in the Valencian Community

    The President of the Generalitat, Carlos Mazón, has expressed optimism regarding the major investments in the Valencian Community, such as those of the multinational company Ford, and hopes that they will continue to be carried out in the near future. In particular, he is interested in the company’s plans for vehicle electrification in this region.

    In a statement made in Les Corts, Mazón stated that the Generalitat maintains constant contact with Ford and other companies that wish to establish themselves in the Valencian Community. The objective is to provide all the facilities and support possible within the administration’s competencies and capabilities.

    Although Mazón refused to comment on rumors or unconfirmed news regarding the multinational company, he made it clear that the Valencian government respects any decision that Ford makes regarding its investments and projects in the region.

    The President also assured his commitment to continue supporting the automotive sector, including auxiliary industries, especially in the Almussafes area. He emphasized that the collaboration with Ford will continue to be fluid and that the company is expected to fulfill its forecasts and commitment to invest and generate employment in the Valencian Community.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the President of the Generalitat’s stance regarding Ford’s investments in the Valencian Community?
    President Mazón is confident that major investments, such as those from Ford, will continue and hopes that vehicle electrification plans will soon reach the region.

    How is the Generalitat supporting Ford and other companies in the automotive sector?
    The Generalitat is in constant contact with Ford and other companies interested in establishing themselves in the Valencian Community. It is committed to providing all the facilities and support within its competencies and capabilities.

    What is the President’s opinion on rumors and unconfirmed news?
    President Mazón shows respect for any decision made by Ford and declines to comment based on rumors or unconfirmed news.