Tue. Sep 19th, 2023
    The Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Bahrs Landing

    Jay Cosgrove, owner of Bahrs Landing in Highlands, NJ, recently discussed the advantages of installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the restaurant’s parking lot. Last year, Bahrs Landing gained fame after being featured in a commercial for the new Chevy Silverado electric vehicle. Jason Gumbas, the director of green technology at Warshauer Electric Supply, also participated in the conversation.

    The addition of EV charging stations would provide numerous benefits to Bahrs Landing and its customers. Firstly, it would attract more EV owners who are looking for places to charge their vehicles while dining or visiting the establishment. As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, having charging infrastructure available can be a major draw for potential customers.

    Furthermore, offering EV charging stations aligns with Bahrs Landing’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By encouraging the use of electric vehicles, the restaurant can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promote the use of clean energy. This initiative also positions Bahrs Landing as an eco-friendly establishment and may attract customers who prioritize sustainability in their choices.

    Additionally, installing EV charging stations can provide a competitive advantage for Bahrs Landing. As the demand for charging infrastructure grows, businesses that offer convenient charging options will stand out in the market. By catering to EV owners, the restaurant can improve its image and attract a broader customer base.

    The collaboration between Jay Cosgrove and Jason Gumbas highlights the importance of partnerships in promoting sustainable transportation options. With the expertise of a company like Warshauer Electric Supply, Bahrs Landing can ensure the implementation of efficient and reliable charging infrastructure.

    In conclusion, the addition of EV charging stations at Bahrs Landing offers several benefits. It can attract more customers, demonstrate the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability, and provide a competitive edge in the market. By taking on this initiative, Bahrs Landing sets an example for other businesses, helping to promote the adoption of electric vehicles and a greener future.

    1. Electric Vehicle (EV): A vehicle that operates fully or partially on electricity stored in rechargeable batteries.
    2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, released into the atmosphere through human activities, which contribute to global warming.

    – Tanya Breen, “The Benefits of Adding EV Charging Stations at Bahrs Landing,” September 18, 2023.


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