Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Sydney City Introduces New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    The City of Sydney has recently unveiled eight new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in various suburbs, making it easier for drivers to recharge their cars. These charging stations, installed on power poles, are part of the city’s efforts to promote the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce transportation emissions.

    In collaboration with Ausgrid, the City of Sydney installed this charging infrastructure to provide off-street charging options for drivers who do not have access to private parking. The availability of these charging stations is expected to give confidence to more drivers to invest in electric vehicles.

    Sydney Mayor Clover Moore emphasized the importance of phasing out polluting private vehicles to achieve the city’s net-zero emissions goal by 2035. However, not all residents have access to private parking, especially those living in apartments. The capacity to charge at these power pole-mounted stations addresses this challenge without occupying additional space on the street or sidewalks.

    The new EVX chargers are conveniently located in central Sydney suburbs such as Millers Point and Pyrmont, as well as inner-western suburbs like Newtown and Camperdown, and in Rosebery and Alexandria in the south. With a total of 14 charging points, these stations provide drivers with more opportunities to recharge their vehicles.

    One significant advantage of pole-mounted chargers is their easy installation. Compared to other curbside charging units, these chargers are installed more quickly and cost-effectively. Rob Amphlett Lewis, an executive from Ausgrid’s Distributed Services Group, expressed optimism that the increased visibility of the charging infrastructure will encourage more people to choose an electric vehicle for their next purchase.

    The chargers are powered by 100% renewable electricity, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system. According to the Electric Vehicle Council, it is expected that there will be nearly 180,000 electric vehicles on Australian roads by the end of the year.

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