Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    Retro Creations: Thai Workshop Digitally Transforms Ford Ranger

    A Thai workshop specializing in Ford Rangers has taken customization to a new level by digitally transforming this popular “ute” into a striking vehicle inspired by retro aesthetics. TTN Hypersport, based in Bangkok, recently shared images on Facebook showcasing their Ranger with the front end of the Bronco, offering a glimpse of how this Ford truck could look with a touch of nostalgia.

    Although the Ranger and Bronco are already closely related in terms of their underlying mechanical architecture, the Bronco is not available in right-hand drive, effectively excluding it from Australian markets. However, this doesn’t discourage TTN Hypersport, who claims to be actively working on making the Ranger with the Bronco front end a reality in the real world as part of their range of bold appearance packages.

    The digital renderings of the modified Ranger are impressive, with the iconic Bronco fascia seamlessly integrated into the truck’s body. However, it’s important to note that these images are purely computer-generated creations. A telling clue is the modification of the Ranger’s tailgate, which features an inverted version of the letters “RAN” to form the word “RANИAЯ.”

    TTN Hypersport is renowned for pushing creative boundaries with their customizations. In June 2020, the Thai company unveiled a series of previous-generation Rangers that had been extensively modified to resemble the larger F-150 truck, complete with lifted suspension and oversized wheels.

    While the Ranger with the Bronco front end remains a work in progress, it offers a unique vision of customization for Ford enthusiasts. With TTN Hypersport’s commitment to making it a reality, Ranger fans can expect a seamless retro transformation that blends Ford’s iconic designs.


    Q: Is it possible to put the front end of a Bronco on a Ranger?
    A: While theoretically possible to install the front fascia of a Bronco on a Ranger, the shown images are digitally altered illustrations.

    Q: Will the Ranger with the Bronco front end be available in Australia?
    A: As of now, the Bronco is not produced in right-hand drive, making it unlikely that the modified Ranger will be available at Australian dealerships.

    Q: Are TTN Hypersport’s modifications limited to visual changes?
    A: No, TTN Hypersport is known for their extensive customizations, which often include suspension modifications, wheel upgrades, and other performance enhancements.

    Q: How can I learn more about TTN Hypersport?
    A: For more information about TTN Hypersport and their range of customizations, you can visit their official website at