Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    Renault Unveils Twingo EV: Its Affordable Electric Vehicle

    Renault has revealed the first images and preliminary details of the highly anticipated Renault Twingo EV, offering a glimpse of the French brand’s strategy to enter the affordable electric vehicle market. Set to debut in 2026, the Twingo EV is positioned as Renault’s most cost-effective electric vehicle option to date.

    While many see this move as a response to the growing presence of Chinese imports in Europe, the Twingo EV promises to stand out with a price lower than €20,000 ($A33,000) before subsidies. This would make it approximately $5,000 cheaper than the current BYD Dolphin available in Australia.

    Although Renault has not disclosed all the specifications of the Twingo EV, it has mentioned that it will feature best-in-class efficiency with a consumption of only 10kWh per 100 kilometers traveled.

    A notable feature of the Twingo EV is its significant environmental advantage. The French manufacturer claims that, thanks to its lifecycle-centered design, the vehicle will contribute to a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to other electric vehicles currently available on the market by 2023.

    The Twingo EV is designed to meet the needs of urban mobility, with a more compact size that takes up 20% less space than the average European car. Its reduced size ensures easy maneuverability and hassle-free parking on congested city streets.

    To keep development costs to a minimum, Renault will utilize the CMF-BEV architecture, which is also employed in the Renault 5, the upcoming Nissan Micra, and the upcoming Renault 4 SUV set to launch in 2025.

    In an interesting paradigm shift, Renault’s new division, Ampere EV, will lead the design and engineering of the Twingo EV. This dedicated team, solely focused on electric vehicles and corresponding software, aims to foster agility and efficiency similar to that of innovative Chinese brands.

    Even Renault’s CEO has hinted at the possibility of collaborating with other brands to create their own versions of the Renault Twingo, with the goal of sharing costs and potentially further reducing the price.

    With competition in the affordable electric vehicle segment on the rise, the Twingo EV is ready to make its mark among its main rivals such as the Citroen e-C3, the electric Fiat Panda, the newly introduced VW ID.1 and ID.2, and the affordable options from Hyundai and Kia.

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