Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Official Vehicles of World Leaders: Symbols of Power and Security

    During President Xi Jinping’s recent state visit to the United States, President Joe Biden took a moment to appreciate Xi’s official limousine. The vehicle in question is an elegant and prestigious Hongqi N701 limousine, specially transported to the United States for Xi’s official visit.

    Although the main purpose of their meeting was to discuss various high-level issues, Biden and Xi also engaged in a friendly conversation about the car. In a captured moment, Biden can be heard expressing his admiration for the Hongqi vehicle, comparing it to a Cadillac commonly used by U.S. presidents during international meetings, aptly nicknamed “The Beast.” A diplomatic official quickly translated Biden’s compliment for Xi.

    Biden’s official limousine is an elongated Cadillac built on the platform of a sturdy GMC TopKick truck. This formidable vehicle, known for its exceptional security features, is powered by a Duramax diesel engine and weighs over 8,000 kilograms due to its heavy armor and security provisions. While specific details about the vehicle remain confidential, it is meticulously designed to meet the highest security standards.

    Similarly, Xi’s official limousine, manufactured by China’s Hongqi, a sub-brand of the FAW Group, features a powerful six-liter V12 engine. It also boasts an impressive range of high-tech security measures and reinforced doors and windows for enhanced protection.

    This friendly conversation between the two leaders not only showcased their camaraderie but also highlighted the importance of state vehicles as symbols of power and security. The exchange served as a reminder of the meticulous planning and attention to detail dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of world leaders during official visits.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Q: What brand of limousine did President Xi Jinping use during his visit to the United States?
    A: President Xi Jinping used a Hongqi N701 limousine during his visit to the United States.

    Q: What did President Joe Biden compare Xi Jinping’s limousine to?
    A: President Joe Biden compared Xi Jinping’s limousine to a Cadillac commonly used in international meetings and nicknamed “The Beast.”

    Q: What are some key features of Xi Jinping’s official limousine?
    A: Xi Jinping’s official limousine features a six-liter V12 engine, advanced security features, and reinforced doors and windows for enhanced protection.

    Q: What is the weight of President Joe Biden’s official limousine?
    A: President Joe Biden’s official limousine weighs over 8,000 kilograms.