Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    NAAS Technology Inc. Included in NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index

    NaaS Technology Inc. (NAAS), a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging services company, has become the first U.S.-listed company to offer these services in China. NAAS has been included in the prestigious NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index, which evaluates the performance of Chinese companies in the U.S. stock market. This inclusion provides investors with valuable information and access to unique opportunities in China while maintaining transparency with U.S. listings.

    The NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index covers a broad range of sectors, including digital, technology, new consumer trends, and clean energy. It includes prominent companies in the internet space and renewable energy sector, among others. NAAS’s inclusion in this index brings new energy to the clean energy sector with its innovative electric vehicle charging services.

    As a subsidiary of Newlinks Technology Limited, NAAS Technology Inc. is a leading provider of EV charging services in China. It offers comprehensive solutions for EV charging that cover all stages of a charging station’s lifecycle. These solutions include online and offline charging services, as well as innovative offerings. NAAS has connected over 652,000 chargers, spanning 62,000 charging stations, which represents a significant market share in China’s public charging market.

    The inclusion of NAAS Technology Inc. in the NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index highlights the company’s strong presence and contributions in the clean energy sector. This recognition further solidifies NAAS as a key player in the Chinese electric vehicle charging industry.

    – NaaS Technology Inc.