Tue. Sep 19th, 2023
    Mahindra Automotive to Launch a Line of Electric SUVs Powered by Volkswagen’s APP550 Electric Motor

    Mahindra Automotive, one of the leading SUV manufacturers in India, has announced its plans to introduce a line of electric SUVs in the country, which will be powered by Volkswagen’s new APP550 electric motor. This electric motor, unveiled by Volkswagen earlier this year, will be utilized in Mahindra’s upcoming electric SUVs, including the highly anticipated Mahindra Thar.e and the BE lineup.

    To integrate this motor into its electric SUV lineup, Mahindra Automotive has designed its INGLO platform, which will be used in all of its future electric vehicles. The first model to feature this motor will be the Volkswagen ID.7 mid-size electric sedan.

    Volkswagen’s APP550 electric motor is capable of generating a maximum power of 286 horsepower and producing 550 Nm of torque. This represents a significant improvement over Volkswagen’s previous electric motor, which generated a maximum power of 201 horsepower and 310 Nm of torque. The Mahindra Thar.e and BE electric SUVs are expected to offer similar performance specifications.

    To achieve higher torque output, the APP550 electric motor has undergone various enhancements. These include an improved stator with more windings and larger cable cross-sections, as well as a rotor equipped with stronger magnets. Structural reinforcements have also been implemented to handle the increased power and torque output.

    Efficient thermal management is crucial for optimal performance, and the APP550 electric motor incorporates a water heat sink for effective cooling. The motor can regulate its temperature through specially designed gearwheels and components for oil supply and distribution, without relying on an electrically driven oil pump.

    Initially, the APP550 motor will be produced at Volkswagen Group Components plant in Kassel, Germany. However, if there is a growing demand for electric vehicles utilizing this motor in India, Volkswagen may consider local production. The motor could also be offered to other manufacturers, although the current focus is on the partnership with Mahindra Automotive.

    The highly anticipated Mahindra Thar.e is one of the models that will be equipped with the APP550 motor. The conceptual version of this electrified SUV was unveiled during Mahindra’s annual Independence Day event in South Africa, and CEO Anand Mahindra confirmed that the vehicle will enter production.

    Overall, the partnership between Mahindra Automotive and Volkswagen, and the integration of the APP550 electric motor, will contribute to the growth of the electric SUV segment in India, providing consumers with more environmentally friendly options for their vehicle needs.

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