Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Lexus Prepares for the Future with Its New Electric Model HZ

    Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, has recently filed trademark applications indicating the arrival of a new electric model in the near future. The parent company’s submission to the Australian Intellectual Property Office reveals the adoption of the name HZ for the upcoming vehicle. Although three variants of the model, HZ300e, HZ450e, and HZ550e, have been submitted for trademark registration in Europe, the HZ300e badge is specifically intended for its launch in Australia.

    The larger numeric variants, HZ450e and HZ550e, have not yet been presented locally, suggesting that they may not be part of the initial release. On the other hand, HZ300e, belonging to Class 12 (automobiles and structural parts thereof), indicates that the new model is likely to be a compact or mid-size electric vehicle, positioned below the mid-size electric SUV RZ in the local market.

    Lexus Australia has refrained from commenting on the matter as it pertains to a future product, and the trademark application was directly filed by Toyota Motor Corporation. Although details about the upcoming model are scarce, it can be speculated that, like its parent company, Lexus is expanding its lineup of electric vehicles with this new addition.

    The inclusion of the ‘300e’ suffix in the local trademark suggests that the HZ300e will feature a single-motor powertrain with approximately 150 kW/300 Nm, similar to the UX 300e. This indicates that the HZ will be a more compact option, possibly even a passenger car rather than an SUV.

    The nomenclature of the HZ300e follows Lexus’ dedicated electric vehicle naming convention, with the inclusion of a Z in the model’s name and the addition of a lowercase ‘e’ at the end to indicate its electric powertrain. While the ‘H’ prefix has been used previously for the small-to-midsize sedan HS, it was never launched in Australia. The HZ is expected to be a compact sedan, potentially introduced by the Lexus Electrified Sedan concept in February 2022, with possible links to the small sedan Toyota bZ3 targeting the Chinese markets.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: What is the new electric model being introduced by Lexus?
    A: Lexus is launching a new electric model, likely a compact or mid-size vehicle, named HZ.

    Q: Which variations of the model have been sought for trademark registration in Europe?
    A: Lexus has applied for trademark registrations for the variations HZ300e, HZ450e, and HZ550e.

    Q: When can we expect the new Lexus electric model to be available in Australia?
    A: While specific details are not known, the HZ300e badge suggests it will be tailored for the Australian market.

    Q: What kind of powertrain can we expect from the HZ300e?
    A: The ‘300e’ suffix indicates that the HZ300e will feature a single-motor powertrain with approximately 150 kW/300 Nm.

    Q: Does Lexus currently offer any other electric models?
    A: Yes, Lexus currently has two electric models available, the UX 300e and the RZ.