Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Joby Aviation to Invest $500 Million in Ohio Aircraft Production Operation

    Joby Aviation, a leading actor in the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft industry, has announced plans to invest up to $500 million in the construction of an aircraft production operation near the Dayton International Airport in Ohio. This move marks a historic milestone as it will be the first time this type of aircraft is manufactured on a large scale.

    The aim of Joby Aviation is to make flight a part of people’s everyday lives. By leveraging Dayton’s aviation legacy, where the Wright brothers achieved the first powered flight, the company hopes to revolutionize transportation. The facility is expected to have the capacity to deliver up to 500 aircraft per year and provide around 2,000 jobs by 2028. The projected average salary is approximately $70,000.

    The new Joby aircraft to be built in Ohio will be an electrically powered and emission-free aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing. With a maximum speed of 200 mph and a maximum range of 100 miles, it will significantly reduce travel time in urban environments. The manufacturing site is located near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which played a crucial role in attracting Joby to the Dayton area.

    Construction of the plant is expected to begin next year, with operations scheduled to start in 2025. The site has the potential for further expansion as it can accommodate a manufacturing complex of up to 2 million square feet. The state of Ohio and local authorities have offered incentives totaling $325 million to support the project.

    Joby Aviation’s investment in Ohio signifies a significant step towards the future of electric air mobility. With collaboration from state officials and the presence of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the company aims to lead the emerging eVTOL market. The success of this venture will not only contribute to job creation but also establish Ohio as a welcoming hub for innovative and sustainable technology.

    – Dayton Daily News