Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Hyundai Wia Corp. Completes Construction of Thermal Management Testing Center in South Korea

    The South Korean automotive parts supplier, Hyundai Wia Corp., has recently completed the construction of a thermal management testing center located in the southern suburb of Seoul, Uiwang. With a total area of 6,069 square meters, the center will focus on the development of Integrated Thermal Management Systems (ITMS) for future mobility.

    The new facility will conduct various performance and durability tests on thermal management system modules, systems, and vehicles, ranging from variable intermittent speed to thermal shock. This is crucial as separate heat management systems are essential for future mobility modes, such as electric vehicles (EVs), which lack a separate heat source like an engine.

    Hyundai Wia also plans to build a vehicle environment anechoic chamber within the center to test performance under different external temperature conditions, ranging from -30 degrees Celsius to +65 degrees Celsius. This will allow them to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of thermal management systems in diverse weather conditions.

    The completion of the thermal management testing center signifies the company’s commitment to ITMS development. Hyundai Wia aims to achieve mass production of ITMS from 2025 by improving their refrigerant concentrator modules, which have already been in production since May.

    Source: Article by Hyung-Kyu Kim in Hankyung (contact: [email protected])

    – Thermal Management Systems (TMS): A system designed to regulate and control the temperature of various components within a vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and extended lifespan.
    – Integrated Thermal Management Systems (ITMS): A comprehensive thermal management system that combines different components to efficiently regulate temperature in a vehicle.
    – Electric Vehicles (EVs): Automobiles that operate using electric motors and solely rely on electricity stored in rechargeable batteries for propulsion.

    – Hyung-Kyu Kim in Hankyung. Contact: [email protected]