Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Fourier Intelligence Presents GR-1, the First Mass-Produced Humanoid Robot

    Chinese company Fourier Intelligence has released a video showcasing the production process of their humanoid robot, GR-1. It is promoted as the world’s first mass-produced humanoid robot and has the ability to carry an impressive 50 kg (110 lb) of weight. This is made possible by the robot’s strong hip actuators, capable of generating up to 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) of torque.

    Although the arms and hands of the GR-1 appear quite slender, Fourier Intelligence intends to use the robot as a rehabilitation therapy assistant. The robot is equipped with grips that can assist people in getting up from wheelchairs and beds, which possibly explains its capacity to carry heavy loads.

    In addition to the production facility video, Fourier Intelligence has released images of the assembly process, coil winding in the actuators, 3D printer banks for body parts, and a hand controller for the robot. Fourier Intelligence aims to deliver 100 GR-1 humanoid robots to customers by the end of the year, distinguishing themselves from Agility’s claim of building the world’s first humanoid robot factory.

    Meanwhile, Tesla’s robot, Optimus, continues to showcase new capabilities, especially in single-legged yoga balancing and sorting. Powered by high-spec vision computers, Optimus can accurately locate its own arms and legs through visual calibration of their positions. Through its self-calibration system, the robot is capable of efficiently learning new tasks. One of these tasks involves picking up and sorting blocks by color, adapting to changes made by humans and correcting errors when necessary.

    Both the GR-1 and Optimus have some limitations in their movements, but advancements in robotics are expected to address these issues in the coming years. Companies that succeed in commercializing general-purpose humanoids, capable of operating safely and reliably in various capacities and quickly learning new tasks, will have a significant advantage. These robots have the potential to become the workforce of tomorrow, offering profitability and the ability to work 24 hours a day.


    Humanoid: A robot or artificial entity that resembles a human in appearance and behavior.
    Torque: The rotational or twisting force applied to an object.
    Actuator: A device that produces or controls mechanical movement. In the context of robotics, it is a component responsible for generating motion in a robot’s joints or limbs.

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