Tue. Sep 19th, 2023
    Fiat offers affordable renting for the Fiat 500 electric

    Fiat has launched a renting offer for its electric model, the Fiat 500, which has been one of the best-selling and acclaimed vehicles in Europe. The Fiat 500 has become the benchmark among urban cars due to its design, size, and value for money.

    The Fiat 500 electric is ideal for moving around urban and suburban environments with low consumption and perfect dimensions for navigating traffic and parking in small spaces. This electric option aligns with the philosophy of the Fiat 500 as a small and urban car.

    The renting offer proposed by Fiat is very attractive, as for just 119 euros per month, you can access the Fiat 500 electric with a range of approximately 200 kilometers. However, to obtain this low fee, an initial payment of nearly 4,500 euros and a 3-year contract are required.

    The renting of the Fiat 500 electric also includes a Wallbox charger as a gift. This offer can be an interesting and affordable option for those considering making the switch to electric mobility, especially for those in need of a small car and who want to take advantage of the benefits of an electric vehicle, such as the DGT’s ZERO label and lower cost per kilometer compared to a gasoline or diesel car.

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