Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Expanding Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Byron Bay

    Two new electric vehicle (EV) chargers have been installed in Byron Bay ahead of the holiday season as part of a statewide plan to expand electric vehicle infrastructure. The initiative, led by EV infrastructure company EVX in collaboration with power distributor Ausgrid, aims to attach chargers to 30,000 electric poles across New South Wales. Byron Shire Council partnered with EVX to introduce the chargers as part of a one-year trial.

    Unlike existing charging stations in the area, the Australian-manufactured EVX chargers operate in a unique manner. They are simpler to install but take longer to charge vehicles. This longer charging time is expected to cater to users who plan to stay at the charging locations for an hour or more. However, the exact charging duration will depend on the vehicle specifications and battery usage.

    The introduction of these new chargers is crucial in addressing congestion issues at existing charging facilities, especially during peak holiday periods. EVX CEO Andrew Forster highlighted the growing demand for charging infrastructure in Byron Bay and emphasized the need to meet this demand as the number of electric vehicles on Australian roads continues to increase.

    To use the chargers, drivers must download the EVX Australia app, scan a QR code at the charging point, and begin charging. The app provides real-time information on charger availability but does not allow for pre-booking. There are no membership or affiliation fees, but charging costs $0.50 per kilowatt-hour. Users are required to bring their own charging cable, specifically an industry-standard Type 2 cable.

    The installation of these electric vehicle chargers aligns with Byron Shire Council’s commitment to sustainability and climate change mitigation. Essential Energy, responsible for power distribution in the region, has expressed its dedication to facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles and plans to introduce more charging points throughout its network.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How do I use the electric vehicle chargers in Byron Bay?
    A: To use the chargers, you need to download the EVX Australia app, scan the QR code, and start charging. Make sure to bring your own charging cable.

    Q: How much does the charging cost?
    A: Charging costs $0.50 per kilowatt-hour.

    Q: Can I pre-book the chargers?
    A: No, pre-booking is not available. The EVX app provides real-time information on charger availability.