Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Cultural Celebration Unites China and Italy at Event in Rome

    An exciting cultural exchange event took place in Rome on November 16, 2023, bringing together guests from China and Italy to celebrate the interconnectedness of their rich cultures. This event marked the first activity of the “Charming Cultural Exhibition of China 2023 from Guangdong,” which aims to foster cultural exchanges between the Guangdong province and other countries.

    During the event, 11 speakers from China and Italy shared their views and impressions on various fields in which both nations are involved. Renowned automotive designer Edouard Suzeau, from the GAC Europe Research and Development Center, expressed his admiration for China’s intelligent manufacturing and the crucial role played by GAC Milan in the global automotive design network. Suzeau, who spent his childhood in China and obtained his car design degree in France, felt a deep sense of fulfillment in working for GAC Milan as it made his lifelong dream come true.

    Gennaro Schlitzer, director of QUEEN’s SRL, was amazed by the excellence of the piano manufacturing industry in China, especially the impeccable sound, performance, and design of the Pearl River pianos produced in Guangzhou. The audience enjoyed fascinating performances, including piano recitals and an acrobatics show that harmoniously blended Chinese acrobatics and ballet. These performances embodied the spirit of Lingnan culture, an eclectic fusion of tradition and modernity, showcasing the innovative and inclusive atmosphere of Guangzhou, China.

    Angelo Tabaro, former Minister of Culture of the Veneto region, aptly compared the characteristics of Guangzhou to the city of Venice, highlighting their shared qualities of inclusivity and bustling commercial centers. He expressed his hope to build a stronger bridge of communication and foster exchanges between people from the two countries.

    The “Charming Cultural Exhibition of China 2023 from Guangdong” is an intercultural showcase that will continue in Italy and subsequently captivate audiences in Egypt, Malaysia, and other locations. The exhibition encompasses various artistic disciplines, featuring enchanting music concerts from Guangdong, captivating art exhibitions, and impressive photography displays. Through these events, the exhibition aims to promote cultural exchanges, fostering mutual learning and appreciation between China and countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    Q: What is the purpose of the “Charming Cultural Exhibition of China 2023 from Guangdong”?
    A: The purpose of the exhibition is to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia, showcasing the profound cultural heritage of Chinese civilization and the charm of Lingnan culture to the world.

    Source: PRNewswire