Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    China and the European Union hold dialogues on artificial intelligence and cross-border data flow

    In a high-level meeting in Beijing, China and the European Union held discussions on artificial intelligence (AI) and cross-border data flow. This dialogue, the first of its kind in three years, was co-chaired by China’s Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing and the European Commission’s Vice President for Values and Transparency, Vera Jourova.

    During the discussions, topics such as data regulation, platforms, industrial data flow, AI, research and innovation, information and communication technology, and product security were addressed. These topics are being discussed in the context of tensions between the EU and China due to a European Commission investigation into China’s subsidies for electric vehicles, which China has criticized as a “protectionist” act.

    The dialogue reflects the growing importance of artificial intelligence and cross-border data flow in international discussions. Both China and the EU recognize the need for an open, fair, and non-discriminatory environment for the development of the digital economy. Through the discussion of key issues and the promotion of cooperation, both parties seek to strengthen bilateral relations and ensure the prosperity of their respective digital industries.

    It is important to note that China expanded its counter-espionage law in July, prohibiting the transfer of any information related to national security and expanding the definition of espionage. Despite these tensions, Vice Premier Zhang expressed China’s willingness to welcome companies from around the world to participate in its digital economy and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

    Overall, this digital dialogue is a positive step towards fostering greater understanding and cooperation between China and the EU on digital issues. Companies from both regions can expect potential opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and market access.

    – Reuters
    – Xinhua News Agency