Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    CEO of Cruise Resigns After Suspension of Operations on Public Roads

    Kyle Vogt, co-founder and former CEO, announced his resignation on Sunday following the recent suspension of operations of autonomous vehicle company Cruise on public roads. While Vogt did not provide a reason for his departure, he expressed gratitude for the support he received over the past decade. Cruise, acquired by General Motors Co. (GM) in 2016, confirmed Vogt’s resignation and appointed Mo Elshenawy as President and CTO. Craig Glidden will continue as Chairman and Managing Director, while Jon McNeill will assume the position of Vice Chairman of the Cruise board.

    The suspension of Cruise’s operations comes after a safety review prompted by a pedestrian accident involving a self-driving Cruise vehicle last month in San Francisco. The incident raised concerns about the company’s autonomous technology and led to the withholding of video footage by Cruise. As a result, the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspended Cruise’s robotaxis from operating in San Francisco due to safety concerns.

    In its latest earnings report, GM revealed a loss of $1.9 billion for its Cruise business between January and September. However, GM CEO Mary Barra reassured analysts by highlighting the significant growth potential of Cruise and ensuring the availability of financing plans to support the company’s expansion.

    Q: Who is Kyle Vogt?
    A: Kyle Vogt is the co-founder and former CEO of autonomous vehicle company Cruise.
    Q: Why did Kyle Vogt resign?
    A: The reason for Kyle Vogt’s resignation as CEO of Cruise has not been disclosed.
    Q: Who will replace Kyle Vogt as CEO of Cruise?
    A: Mo Elshenawy, the Executive Vice President of Engineering, will assume the role of President and CTO of Cruise.
    Q: What caused the suspension of Cruise’s operations?
    A: The suspension was caused by a pedestrian accident involving a self-driving Cruise vehicle in San Francisco, which raised safety concerns.
    Q: Will Cruise continue to receive financing for its expansion?
    A: Yes, GM CEO Mary Barra stated that Cruise has financing plans in place to support its future growth.