Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Carbon Reduction Projects in Oregon Receive Federal Funding

    The federal Carbon Reduction Program has announced the funding of 15 projects throughout Oregon. These projects aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and promote sustainable practices. Three of the grants will benefit the cities of Central Oregon, with funds allocated for the installation of solar streetlights, mobility hubs, and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

    Under the federal government’s Justice40 initiative, over 65% of the funds will be directed towards projects in disadvantaged communities. The goal is to ensure that these communities can also benefit from sustainable transportation options and experience the positive impacts of carbon emissions reduction.

    The Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Climate Change Office administers the program and has collaborated with local transportation organizations and advocates to develop strategies, priorities, and evaluation criteria. Eligible projects include those in urban and rural areas of the state with populations of fewer than 200,000 residents.

    The three grants for the cities of Central Oregon include just over $2 million to install 113 solar streetlights on collector streets in Warm Springs. Additionally, over $1 million will be allocated to create four Mobility Hubs in Bend, which will feature bus stops, electric bike stations, and electric shared vehicles. Furthermore, $228,275 will be designated for the construction of six Level 2 EV charging stations with solar canopies on Cascade Avenue in Sisters.

    The Carbon Reduction Program is part of Oregon’s overall efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. In the coming decades, the state aims to achieve a 60% reduction in transportation emissions compared to 1990 levels. The program will distribute a total of $82 million in federal funding over five years for projects throughout Oregon.

    For more information about the Carbon Reduction Program and the projects it supports, visit the ODOT Carbon Reduction Program website.

    – Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)