Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Authorities Conduct Searches at Properties of Minister EV Velu

    Tax authorities have recently conducted searches at multiple locations in Tamil Nadu related to state minister EV Velu. The raids took place at undisclosed locations in Chennai and other parts of the state. EV Velu, a prominent leader of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party, currently serves as the Minister of Public Works in the cabinet led by MK Stalin.

    Furthermore, tax officials also conducted searches at Arunai Engineering College (AEC) in Thiruvanamalai, which was established in 1993 by EV Velu. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and local police security were deployed in preparation for the searches. Along with these operations, raids were also conducted at the residence of Padma, the late Karur district secretary Vasugi Murugesan’s sister, located in the Periyar Nagar area under the Karur Corporation. Additionally, searches are being carried out at the home of businessman Suresh in Vayapuri Nagar and at the Annex Fabrics office in the Gandhipuram area, both in the Karur district.

    It is worth mentioning that previous investigations targeted contractors and suppliers associated with the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) and its equipment supply. These raids took place at approximately ten locations in Chennai, including facilities of India Private Limited and Radha Engineering Works Private Limited.

    These recent actions by the income tax department are part of ongoing efforts to ensure financial transparency and combat tax evasion. By conducting searches at the residence and college of Minister EV Velu, the authorities aim to gather evidence and assess compliance of the individuals and institutions involved.


    Q: Who is EV Velu?

    A: EV Velu is a senior leader of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party in Tamil Nadu and currently serves as the Minister of Public Works.

    Q: Which institutions were searched besides EV Velu’s residence?

    A: Searches also took place at Arunai Engineering College and several other locations related to businesses and individuals in the Karur district.

    Q: Why were the searches conducted?

    A: The income tax department conducted the searches as part of their efforts to ensure financial transparency and combat tax evasion.