Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    An Amazing Transformation: The Toyota Fortuner Now Has a Distinctive Look

    The Toyota Fortuner has always been a beloved SUV with an unwavering fan base. Known for its exceptional reliability, it has earned a reputation as a tough and durable vehicle that stands the test of time. Owners have shared numerous examples of their Fortuners accumulating high mileage, demonstrating their satisfaction with the product.

    However, instead of opting for an upgrade or switching to a different vehicle, many Fortuner owners are now choosing a different path to give their SUVs a fresh and distinctive look. Aftermarket body kits and conversions have become the preferred choice for those seeking a customized appearance. One astounding transformation can be seen in a video by Brotomotiv on their YouTube channel. In the video, a Toyota Fortuner Type 2, owned by a politician from Uttar Pradesh, undergoes a complete transformation with a Lexus body kit.

    The conversion process presented challenges, especially due to the presence of bulletproof glass on the SUV. Removing the original panels, such as the front grille, headlights, bumper, and fenders, was just the beginning. The team then focused on the rear bumper, taillights, chrome applique on the trunk, and spoiler, ensuring a seamless fit for the aftermarket Lexus body kit.

    Dealing with minor dents and scratches on the body panels was relatively straightforward compared to the complexity of handling the bulletproof doors. The cracked front windshield had to be replaced with a regular one as bulletproof glass was not found. Meticulous application of putty ensured a smooth shape, with excess putty removed using a sander. Painting the doors individually proved problematic due to their weight, leading to the decision to reinstall them before continuing with the painting process.

    The Toyota Fortuner, now stripped of its panels, was ready for an impressive transformation. After applying a layer of primer, a deeper silver shade commonly seen on Lexus cars was chosen for the new paint job. Once the painting process was complete, the revamped SUV was reassembled, with the new Lexus kit featuring a wide front grille and successfully installed aftermarket dual-function LED daytime running lights.

    The final result was a visually striking Fortuner that showcased the skill and attention to detail of the team. The video revealed that the Lexus body kit had a cost of approximately Rs 1.10 lakh, excluding taxes.

    What is the Toyota Fortuner?
    The Toyota Fortuner is a popular SUV known for its exceptional reliability and robust construction.

    Why do Fortuner owners opt for aftermarket body kits?
    Fortuner owners often choose aftermarket body kits to give their vehicles a fresh and customized appearance.

    What challenges were faced during the conversion process?
    The presence of bulletproof glass and windshield posed challenges during the later stages of the conversion process, requiring careful handling and the search for alternative materials.

    What was the cost of the Lexus body kit used in the transformation?
    According to the video, the Lexus body kit used in the Fortuner transformation has a cost of around Rs 1.10 lakh, excluding taxes.